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Visit Our Friends At Radiant Smile Teeth Whitening!

Our mobile and in-office service delivers top quality teeth whitening to our satisfied customers. It's easy, simple and fast. In just 60 minutes, our certified professional services will brighten your smile up to 6-8 shades per session. For over a decade, lead certified whitening technician, Branielyn, has been working as a dental assistant expanding her experience and training into oral cosmetics, making countless smiles... radiant!

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Using The Right Brush

Stylists love the "Wet Brush". It has nylon bristles that bend as they go through your wet hair. If the bristles give a little, your hair won't have to. This means no breaks. Another reason is when brushing dry hair, a gentle wide-set nylon bristle will work nicely as well.

To Purchase The Wet Brush Visit The Store At Plaza Salon

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